Antje Weithaas releases the third and final album of her Bach-Ysaÿe trilogy

With this CD, the violinist Antje Weithaas concludes her recording of all the sonatas and partitas for solo violin by Johann Sebastian Bach and Eugène Ysaÿe.

It greatly surprises her that no one has previously brought these two cycles together as systematically as she has done here, even though such an idea seems rather obvious: “The relationships are so strong! Now, I always combine these two composers in my solo recitals. It’s a completely new experience for the audience as well. They mostly come because they love Bach. And then they discover Ysaÿe. After Bach, their ears are opened for Ysaÿe’s subtleties – and after that, they hear more in Bach’s works than they did at the beginning.”

Critics have been enthusiastic from the very outset: “Her always technically flawless and musically intelligent and fascinating [Bach] interpretation is simply unassailable. But this Ysaÿe fills me with enthusiasm. Here, a new level is added to the technical and musical virtuosity of the violinist: that of tone colour. There is only a mere breath between luminous brilliance and shadowy sotto voce, between lyrical cantabile and screaming furioso – Weithaas switches from one to the other with lightning speed, turning Ysaÿe into an Expressionist painting in the process” (SWR2 about Vol. 1). And the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote about the second CD: “A splendid Bach-Ysaÿe edition”.

Antje Weithaas started her three-album Bach-Ysaÿe project in 2012. “I am very grateful to have been able to spend so much time working intensively on these two important œvres for solo violin for so many years. Who would normally have such a privilege?!”

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